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We specialize specifically in franchise loans, so you can realize your dream sooner than you may think

An innovative new way to fund your franchise

Start A Franchise uses a unique approach to provide capital for entrepreneurs, and we have experience funding over 800 clients in the last three years alone. We work to maximize the unsecured debt potential of our clients to help you start the franchise you’ve always dreamed of!

Instead of requiring assets, annual revenue, 30-page business plans, or massive collateral, the only thing we require is a minimum credit score of 650. We can finance up to $200,000 in unsecured debt, so you don’t have to worry about putting your house up as collateral or verifying your annual income.

Pre-approval in 24 hours and loans from $50,000 to $200,000 in 30 days or less

  • No personal collateral or assets needed

  • No proof-of-income or business plan

  • No cost or fees without approval

  • Available in all 50 states

  • 0% interest for first 12-18 months

  • Fast and flexible

  • Perfect for first-time franchise owners

  • Multiple individuals per business allowed

Banks don’t fund new franchises, WE DO.

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it’s fast, easy and will NOT affect your credit score

Step 1: Getting Qualified

Complete a short inquiry and then talk to one of our experts

Step 2: Funding Acquried

We submit credit line applications to the right banks on your behalf, automatically

Step 3: Access Your Capital

View and track all of your funding through your own online portal

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it’s fast, easy and will NOT affect your credit score

Have more questions? We’re here to help…

  • How is unsecured debt different than a traditional loan?

    Unsecured debt is the easiest and most flexible option to get your business up and going. Traditional loans can take months to get approval, can have stringent requirements and stipulations, and still have high interest rates. Unsecured debt is based on your personal credit history and profile, and is a flexible revolving resource that you can use again and again. As you pay it back the capital is still available to you. Traditional loans rely on hefty business plans, projections, collateral and personal guarantees. Unsecured debt makes the bet on the entrepreneur. If you have a positive history with credit and financial responsibilities, then you deserve the flexibility in pursuing your dreams.

  • What are the minimum requirements to get approved?

    You must be over 21 years old, have a credit score of at least 680, at least one open and aged credit line with revolving utilization under 45%, no more than two inquiries per credit bureau within the last three months, any previous bankruptcies must be at least three years old, and any collections or late payments must be over 12 months old. If you are unsure of your credit history, we can easily pull your report and even help you to hit the above metrics in a short period of time if you don’t qualify today.

  • What is the interest rate, payback term, and fees?

    0% is typical for the first year, and 12-14% after that (but can be as low as 6.99%). This provides for an opportunity for an average of 6-7% interest over 2 years. These fees are paid straight to the bank(s) that approve your loan(s). Introductory and standard rates are based on the strength of your credit profile and may vary by individual. Pay back is revolving, meaning that as you pay back the loan the capital is made available for use again. Start A Franchise will take a small, one-time fee after your funding is received, but if we don’t get you funded, you don’t pay a dime, guaranteed!

  • Why haven’t I ever heard of Start A Franchise before?

    We are still a somewhat small company, but Start A Franchise and our subsidiaries have a combined 30 plus years in alternative lending and helping find, and fund, the right franchises for our clients! You can be confident that we are here for you, and that we take the security of our clients very seriously. Our goal is to treat every client like they are our only client, and to help them realize their dreams by getting them the resources they need. Even when others cannot or will not.

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At Start A Franchise we are here to help you. If we can’t, we will help you find a resource that can. Our goal is to get you the capital you need to live your dreams. We dont sell your information, we dont push you to third parties, and we dont mislead you into things that are not necessary. We help you get the capital you need when no one else can or will.

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